1. I always feel like (somebody’s watching me) #rockwell

  2. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  3. "Okay, you got the wheel and I got the pedals, let’s get Dad’s lead sled rockin’ & rollin’." (Can’t turn my back for a second).

  4. Still around, still making photos… albeit slowly. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  5. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  6. "Nevermind the dog, beware of the owner" #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  7. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  8. Back in the US of A. Look forward to catching up on everyone’s work.

  9. Heathrow, London, UK. Yesterday.

  10. Enjoying some downtime in the “Garden of England”. Be back soon.