1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. August 2014.

  2. I always feel like (somebody’s watching me) #rockwell

  3. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  4. "Okay, you got the wheel and I got the pedals, let’s get Dad’s lead sled rockin’ & rollin’." (Can’t turn my back for a second).

  5. Still around, still making photos… albeit slowly. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  6. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  7. "Nevermind the dog, beware of the owner" #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  8. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  9. Back in the US of A. Look forward to catching up on everyone’s work.

  10. Heathrow, London, UK. Yesterday.