1. London. Two days ago.

  2. Dublin.

  3. Waldorf Barber Shop, Dublin. Stopped in for a hot towel straight razor shave this morning. Old school doesn’t begin to describe this wonderful place.

  4. Heathrow Terminal One. Wanted this shot last time I passed through here but was in full sprint to catch my connecting flight and couldn’t stop. I think the light’s better this time around anyway.

  5. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. August 2014.

  6. I always feel like (somebody’s watching me) #rockwell

  7. #arequiemforsparrowspoint

  8. "Okay, you got the wheel and I got the pedals, let’s get Dad’s lead sled rockin’ & rollin’." (Can’t turn my back for a second).

  9. Still around, still making photos… albeit slowly. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer. #arequiemforsparrowspoint